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I am an author, speaker and trauma specialist. I am the former Founder and CEO (1994 – 2007) of the Trauma Management Group, an industry-leading company which dealt with the aftermath of the World Trade Centre attacks, the Dawson College shootings, and the SARS outbreak.

Trauma Management Group also authored one of Canada’s first Critical Incident Training programs, Critical Incident Stress Management: From Theory to Practice®, that is still widely used for training purposes.

I started my career with an BA (Hons) in Psychology and a Masters of Social Work. My social work roots and passion to help others led me to create an innovative business where victims and their families did not incur costs for our services. Since the sale of the Trauma Management Group in 2007, I continue to specialize in training First Responder mental health peer based teams (Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Police and Military) to affectively respond to Operational Stress Injuries (OSI) within their organizations.

I am also dedicated to inspiring more girls and women to become social entrepreneurs by sharing my story of how I built an industry leading company.

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Fiona Gilligan

Founder/CEO, Trauma Management Group 1994 – 2007 | CEO Arranmore Holdings, Inc. 2011 to present
Named in Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs in Canada (RBC) 2011, 2012
Trauma Management Group named top 100 companies by Carleton University Alumni, 2007

Trauma Training & Consulting

I have worked in the trauma care field for over 20 years. Under my leadership, the Trauma Management Group wrote one of Canada’s first Critical Incident Stress Training models: Critical Incident Stress Management: From Theory to Practice®. This training has been used to train hundreds of groups.

My area of expertise is working with First Responders: Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Military and Police:

Crisis Response Team training for peer based intervention for Operational Stress Injuries (OSI)
Consulting on trauma prevention, intervention and recovery procedures
Clinical interventions for Operational Stress Injuries (OSI) as a result of critical incidents and traumatic stress
To learn more about how I can assist your organization, please contact me directly.

Please note, for charitable and not-for-profit groups, training may be provided on a cost-recovery basis.

Confessions of a GirlPreneur™

Hilarious and inspiring tales of a successful entrepreneur and single mother.

“Women are a vital and valuable part of our local economies and are just as capable of achieving success as men.”
— Create Space, 2014

Confessions of a GirlPreneur
A remarkable story of how a single mother beat the odds and created an industry-leading start-up in a highly competitive market where many others failed. This engaging book — part business guide, part memoir — traces the unlikely path Fiona Gilligan, MSW, took to found her company, the Trauma Management Group, and shows how she led it to dominate the trauma care industry in Canada over the course of fifteen years.

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